Just a brief recap of the season. The ongoing problem with the turbine has unfortunately continued through the summer as Mike (S) is still making steady progress back to full fitness after his fall. We have also contacted a millwright from Essex who will work with Mike to re-position the Appold turbine back in position and enable the pump to work again. Despite attempts by Richard it was not possible to find the number for Appold Turbines (1874) Ltd!

As mentioned in the earlier Newsletter for 2018 the tidy up of the mill has been noticed by visitors and volunteers alike. It provides far more space on the ground floor to move around and show visitors the exhibits; similarly on the first floor, the workshop looks very tidy especially with the addition of cupboards to store many of the tools. Further up the tower work has continued in the same vein so that visitors and volunteers are able to move about without tripping or getting snagged on items.

At the AGM it was suggested by Tony Timmins, on behalf of the Hardley Windmill Trust, that work needs to be performed on the outside of the mill with re-pointing and replacement of some of the bricks. The Trust will be tendering for quotations to perform the work and depending on the cost hopefully this may be started either towards the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

2018 Events

Mid- Summer Frolic night went well with many people coming by Langley School minibus. The nominal charge of £1.00 towards transport cost worked very well and we thank Langley School for allowing us to use the minibus and to Nigel for making several journeys to the mill. This allows the money raised at the event to go towards funds for the mill. A figure of £800 profit was made for the evening.

The Chernoble children’s visit was another success and the children left messages for the volunteers.

The second event, almost an “open evening” at the mill, in August, was very well supported and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening with the music being especially commented on. It was good to see so many kind people at the mill the weather was very kind to us. A profit of £1000 was made.

Finally we had the Norwich Walkers for lunch late in August. Around 60 walkers arrived and although the weather wasn’t that kind they seemed to react favourably to their surroundings and enjoy the food. One lady told me she was diabetic but she was definitely going to have some ‘crumble’. Again a substantial profit of £450 was made. Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers for making all this possible.

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